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Dual diagnosis is designed to address the substance abuse factor along with the mental or physical element that is contributing to the overall negative condition of the addict. Data collected over the last 10 years has shown that a significant percentage of recovering addicts return to the addiction within a few months of the recovery. It has been noted that one of the possible reasons for this relapse, was due to the fact that the treatment process did not take into account any prevailing factors that were contributing to the stress and heightened feeling of despair and confusion, which cause the individual to turn to substance or alcohol abuse. Therefore the government of Wisconsin has launched many campaigns to help educate the people on the importance of seeking dual diagnosis to ensure the negative conditions are addressed in a holistic manner. By providing many centers that cater to this style of diagnostic treatments, the addict can be assured that all the various aspects both mental and physical will be given equal priority and consideration during the treatment exercises.

Our website is able to explore all the various issues connected to dual diagnosis and then post information that is easy to understand and relevant to the projected needs of the addict.
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