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Setting yourself on the road to recovery with American Behavioral Health Systems Mission

If you have has enough of living a life run by substance abuse; you can choose to set yourself on the road to recovery by contacting a substance abuse treatment program for help. The American Behavioral Health Systems Mission in Spokane, Washington offers residential short term and long term treatment that can help you take charge of your life. The first phase of substance abuse recovery is hard enough as you go through the physical process of detoxification, but it is the later phase of learning how to live a sober life where you will need the most focus and support. Choosing a residential program to provide you with your substance abuse treatment can be the key to opening the door to a whole new life for you and your family.

Gender Specific Programs

On the campus of American Behavioral Health Systems Mission, clients are separated by gender to increase the effectiveness of their recovery. There are different issues and stressors that affect men and women that can make getting adequate support from a mixed gender group not as effective in early recovery. By staying with a men or women only group, you are with people who know exactly what you have been through and what you are going through in a way that the opposite sex won't get. Part of the reason that separate gender treatment is so effective is it keeps your entire focus on you. No matter what pushed you to decide it was time to seek substance abuse treatment, the process has to remain solely focused on you as you recover.

Affording residential treatment

Residential short term or long term treatment at American Behavioral Heath Systems Missions is affordable to anyone. They have self payment programs, accept Medicaid, state financed insurance and private health insurance as well. Substance abuse has become an issue recognized for its impact on the work place and in the home making it priority coverage on all insurance programs. Before you decide that you can't afford substance abuse treatment, call and talk to one of our specialists. The recent changes in insurance and coverage provided by the Affordable Care Act mean that residential programs are now accessible to even more people than ever before.

Make the call to change your life

No one can help you unless you take the first step to help yourself by reaching out for help. Call today and talked to a caring professional about how you can get involved with a substance abuse treatment program. While much of addiction is spent alone, recovery is something best done with a supporting community. There is no need to feel like you are the only one suffering, there are other people who have had your experience and have made it through the other side. Contact a substance abuse treatment center today to get started on taking control of your life and stopping the madness of addiction.

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