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The Medicaid program in Washington is designed to pay for medical services for those who quality under its program such as people in the lower income group and those who have disability issues. The Medicaid provides the funds to institutions, which provide these services such as hospitals, outpatient treatment centers, and pharmacies dispensing the medications. It is hoped that by providing this service the people of Washington will be able to enjoy an adequate amount of medical support that will be able to address their mental and physical negative conditions in an efficient and quick manner. The lower income group and those who are unable to access medical coverage due to a variety of reasons such as lack of proper insurance coverage, the Medicaid is very a useful and important means of support as without this support a large percentage of these people would avoid seeking medical help altogether. This is not an ideal recourse and it would eventually cost the state and the taxpayer who would ultimately have to pick up the bill when the physical or mental condition of the individual reaches a stage where there is no other support system in place to help them.

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