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Once an addict has been successfully treated at a drug rehabilitation center, he might still need a place from which he can reenter society. He needs a place where there is no temptation, while he is just out of the rehabilitation centers. We are a directory offering details of a halfway house located in the state of Washington, being the best place for addicts to continue their recovery process. The centers we list provide supervision with the help of trained professionals and they can find a safe and supportive environment to stay.

The NSDUH reports that Washington was among the top ten states belonging to the drug use category in the country, especially among those in the age group of 12 and above. This included illicit drug use, marijuana use and use of other prescription drugs and pain relievers, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health statistics for 2007-2008 provided in SAMHSA. If you or your loved ones need such therapies, do consult our directory of halfway house centers for recovery. The therapy is continued at such centers and they can even opt for an outpatient form of treatment at these facilities. The greatest benefit of such a halfway house listed in our directory is that the recovering patient will get support from people in similar circumstances to help him get back to the world.
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