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The most common reason for someone to be admitted into a drug treatment facility in the state of Virginia is marijuana use, according to the SAMHSA (or Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration). The drug is readily available all throughout the state. However, that is not the only drug used in the state. According to the report released in 2009, the amount of Virginian residents using illicit drugs was 7.33% and the amount using drugs other than marijuana was 3.13%. Another drug that is used quite a bit in the state is cocaine. It is readily available throughout Virginia, both powder and crack. Crack cocaine is mostly available in the Richmond, Roanoke, and Tidewater area. Methamphetamine (or meth) is the most popular drug of choice in the Valley area. Ecstasy is the most common club drug and is sold mostly in urban areas.

The use of drugs like club drugs, of cocaine, of marijuana, of any type of drug, is not safe. It is harmful to your health and to your lifestyle. If you or anyone you know is having a problem with drugs, it is time to seek help. This website contains an extensive list of the rehab facilities in Virginia. The first step of the road to recovery is only a click away.
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