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Most people trying to beat a substance addiction have to fight an uphill battle all the way without any respite along the way. Having anything that will contribute towards making the journey, a little more bearable is an advantage and an encouragement. The use of methadone maintenance to help these addicts is often recommended especially in the initial stages of the detoxification program. Its effectiveness has been proven to be acceptable enough for the medical fraternity to endorse its use. However, this use has to be carefully monitored, as methadone can eventually become just another addiction for the addict. Methadone maintenance treatment centers in Virginia are able to offer private and comprehensive detoxification services that are affordable and in some cases can be covered by medical insurance. The counseling and group therapy exercises also contribute to a large part of rebuilding the addict’s self-esteem and confidence. The state department has created a system where everyone seeking methadone maintenance is given equal opportunity to enjoy its services without discrimination.

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