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Crossroads Youth Residential Programs

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Crossroads Youth Residential Programs offer a new path in life

Residential youth treatment programs for substance abuse recovery have some of the highest success rates in the field of all the programs in existence. If you are a youth in trouble, or care about one, consider what Crossroads Youth Residential Programs have to offer. They provide for hospital inpatient and residential long term treatment for substance abuse. Their buprenorphine services program and halfway houses also help to make recovery a full and complete experience. When it comes to youth recovery, there is so much more to deal with than with adults. Continuity of care, from inpatient detoxification to recovery treatment, is the best way to promote success.

Identifying the needs of youth and providing appropriate service

Crossroads Youth Residential Programs have specialty programs that are designed to support youth in their successful treatment and recovery from substance abuse. There are programs that are designed to help with dual diagnosis, criminal justice clients, HIV/AIDS and serve the needs of the gay and lesbian community. Crossroads also offers adult programs in the same areas as well as providing gender specific treatment environments for women and men and they offer an innovative program for seniors as well. Treatment programs are conducted on separate campuses to allow participants to focus wholly on their recovery and to fully take advantage of the support Crossroads provides.

Affordable care

Crossroads has always provided for care via self payment plans and state financed insurance. With the new Affordable Care Act, there are even more opportunities for you to take part in a successful substance abuse recovery program. Self payment programs aren't always out of pocket payments, but can encompass payments from insurance providers as an out of network payment coverage. There are also many different rules that allow for substance abuse treatment coverage that you may not be aware of with your plan. By calling and talking with one of our care professionals, we can help you determine how to afford your care. There is no reason why you cannot participate in a recovery program with Crossroads Youth Residential; it may just be a matter of determining where the coverage will come from. That isn't something you can do easily on your own. Call and let us help you get the treatment and care you need.

Taking a different road

Changing the road you are on is as easy as taking a different direction. By making the call to enter a treatment program, you are setting off on a new adventure that promises a whole new better journey than the one you were on before. Recovery isn't something that is easily done alone, when it comes to recovery for youth it is so much better to do it with friends and good guidance. Contact Crossroads today and find out how you can choose a different path for yourself. A caring counselor who knows what it's like will help you get connected with the program that is right for you.

Detailed Information about Crossroads:

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