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The youth segment of society is a resourceful and intelligent group of people that are often taken for granted or simply sidelined. The Utah Youth and Community Service Board realizes the huge benefits youth can bring to the state and has taken proactive steps to create various different platforms that encourage youth participation. Getting youth to commit to community-based activities is not always easy as youths tend to be a rather restless group that is usually hard to please and keep engaged. However, the government is keen on creating as much activities as possible that will keep the youth occupied and focused on positive and beneficial things. This will help to create the ideal distraction for the youth and thus ensure a declining interest in indulging in negative activities such as substance abuse, alcohol abuse and sexual promiscuity. Creating challenges where the youth are able to participate, and show their skills and worth, is something that would present an attractive alternative to these youths and this is usually done at school levels, clubs and religious affiliations within the community.

Our website works together with these various groups to ensure our content features many interesting and current events that are likely to draw the attention of these youth. This website is designed to keep the youth engaged and interested in positive things.
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