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Utah is recording a high number of deaths due to prescription drug overdose. This is cause for concern both for the medical fraternity and for the various other connective governing bodies. More funds are being channeled towards better monitoring of the availability process of these prescription drugs. In the year 2010 almost 81% of all overdose related deaths, were linked to prescriptions for pain management. The Utah Pharmaceutical Drug Crime Project is using various different strategies to create awareness amount the Utah people on the detrimental effects of taking prescription drugs for granted. They are also working towards reducing the availability of these drugs through tighter control and monitored prescriptions. One of the main elements introduced by the Utah government as a mandatory indication on all prescription drug packaging was the “use only as directed” instructions. With all these efforts it is hoped that the people of Utah will take the matter of prescription drugs seriously and understands that it has the potential of becoming addictive.

Our website features information that educates the visitor about the damaging effects of not adhering to the instructions and dosages of prescription drugs. There is also information on how and where to get help for those who are focused on beating the addiction.
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