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By providing adequate outpatient treatment options for its citizens, the Utah government hopes to be able to reach the segment of society that needs this type of service to address their various negative dependencies. The outpatient option is usually done in a voluntary manner, but there are an increasing number of cases being referred to this type of treatment by juvenile courts and other segments of the criminal justice system. The comprehensive counseling and education given to those seeking help through outpatient treatment options have been documented to be quite successful in encouraging the participant to make a commitment to eradicate the negative dependency from their lives. These sessions address a wide spectrum of issues pertaining to substance abuse, domestic violence, an obsession with playing video games and other social indulgences that are not considered legal or healthy for the individual. The trained staffs at these outpatient centers are able to provide the best and most appropriate treatment options at all times.

Our website is designed to help the individual make a commitment to try outpatient treatment to address the addiction or other negative conditions. The information is both comprehensive and easy to understand which will be helpful to both the addict and loved ones looking for solutions.
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