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The Utah Medicaid program is funded with federal and state funds and this allows the people of Utah to enjoy some important medical services without having to deal with a lot of unnecessary bureaucracy. Medicaid is also able to help those in need of medical attention but are unable to make the necessary payments. This lower income group would have no means of getting adequate medical attention if there were no programs like Medicaid in place. In the past, most people who could not afford medical treatments would simply go without it. The government of Utah is concerned with this development as people avoiding medical attention in the early stages due to lack of funds will only cost the government in other areas at a later stage, thus forcing the existence of Medicaid. Besides being from the lower income group, the applicant for the Medicaid service must also be either a parent or a caretaker of a dependent who is under the age of 18. Other types of qualifying applicants would include someone with a disability, someone who is pregnant, or someone who is over 65 years of age.

The information at our website is designed to present information in an easy to understand format to ensure the visitor is not confused with technical jargon that frightens them away from attempting to seek Medicaid.
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