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Often addicts are unable to overcome an addiction completely and effectively because some integral part of the cause that contributed to the addiction was not properly addressed. Although the addiction would seem to have been eradicated, a relapse may sometimes become evident when the recovering individual faces the old challenges again. The dual diagnosis style helps to ensure this does not happen as it consists of a more holistic treatment plan. The focus in not centered on the more obvious and prevailing problem but instead, further explorations are done to connect the drug addiction to any other possible problems such as negative physical and mental conditions. As the mental health of the addict usually plays a domineering role in the need to depend on the addiction for some relief, the dual diagnosis style is not only appropriate but in most cases is an important necessity. Surveys conducted by the State Health and Mental Administration bodies, show about 40% of alcohol and 55% of substance abuse addicts are also prone to experiencing mental problems.

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