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Youth today are under a lot of pressure to do their best and to achieve as many things in life as possible. The stress that youth are under can eventually lead to many problems if not handled well. Statistics in juvenile courts in Texas are particularly alarming as they show an unhealthy upward progression of problems with the younger generation. These juveniles seem to turn to negative ways of seeking pleasure and solving their various problems thus eventually causing the government and the public many problems too. Understanding the enormity of the situation, the various governing bodies in Texas regularly come together to try to create support systems that will help to address some of the needs of these youth. Some of the contributing factors that lead to youths getting into trouble are not within their control such as being in an environment that lacks the supervision and commitment of parental guidance or having to live in a notoriously high crime area. Lack of proper facilities and education also leads to youth getting involved in criminal activities at an early age.

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