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According to statistics, there are around 5,488 people who are addicted to marijuana, 2,403 abusers of prescription drugs, 899 people addicted to cocaine, 408 users of hallucinogens, 229 inhalant addicts and 50 addicted to heroin in Waco, Texas. Studies carried out by NSDUH in the years 2007-2008 indicated that 6.26% of the Texas population aged 12 and more had resorted to usage of a drug in the previous month. Studies by NSDUH also revealed that 47.03% of the Texan population above the age of 12 had consumed alcohol in the previous month. Alcohol was discovered to be the primary substance abused in Texas. Marijuana was found to be the primary drug abused in Waco. Marijuana was the cause of 24% admissions to Waco drug rehab centers in the year 2009. 28% Waco drug admissions were due to abuse of alcohol whereas 8% were admitted with cocaine addiction problems. Among the people admitted, around 41% were Hispanic in origin, 28% whites and 30% were blacks.

Our website carries details of the various drug rehab centers in and around Waco, Texas. The various treatment programs with information about the payment make it easy to choose the best treatment program suitable for you or your loved one. The success rate mentioned can also impart hope to tackle with this menace and help you on the path to recovery.
Jasmine Khan
Jasmine Khan
Waco, TX 76710

What types of services do you offer? What issues do you specify treatment for?

Full range of counseling services offered including family, couples, individual and group counseling. We have a variety of counselors at the practice, each with their own areas of specializations including depression, grief, sexual abuse victimization, sexual abuse perpetration, anxiety, gender identity issues, LGBT related issues, relationship difficulties, substance abuse, etc.

What therapy modalities do you use in your practice?

Group, individual, couples, and family therapy modalities are provided.

When should one seek treatment?

When someone is experiencing emotional, psychological, or social distress, then it is time to seek assistance. 

What relationships exist between mental health and substance abuse? What services do you provide for someone suffering with either and/or both?

The relationship cannot adequately be summarized in a short paragraph,  But basically, several substances, such alcohol, can contribute to depression while others can contribute to social anxiety or paranoia.  Many substances abusers become very disconnected from their true emotions and seek continued substance use to manage, block or avoid dealing with emotional distress. We find many substance abusers begin the abuse pattern to “self medicate” when they experience mental health issues such as anxiety, Bipolar disorder, depression etc.  We provide substance abuse services to youth at a local treatment program but have limited services at the office. 
Jasmine Khan is a Counselor in Waco, Texas. For more information regarding Jasmine’s services, please call (254) 235-6542.
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Jasmine Khan
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