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Medical authorities are becoming increasingly concerned about the number of cases of people in Texas not willing to seek treatment for addictions and other illnesses but instead choose to tolerate the condition for as long as possible. This more often than not, ends in disaster both for the individual and loved ones alike. Understanding the need to provide support services that do not really require long-term commitments, has encouraged the authorities to set up more residential short-term treatment facilities. Most of these facilities require the addict or individual suffering from a particular physical or mental condition to commit to a program that is about 30 days long. These centers are well equipped and staffed to ensure proper treatment and assistance is given to the individuals with serious and persistent conditions. The treatment usually focuses on getting the individual to understand the detrimental effects if they continue to live without making positive changes in life. Stabilizing the individual to a point they are able to simulate back into society as productive assets in the home, workplace and community would be the goal.

The information at our website is designed to help the individual understand more about residential short-term treatment benefits. This understanding is meant to encourage the visitor to make a firm commitment towards seeking help.
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