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In spite of the controversy surrounding the use of methadone maintenance to treat substance addictions like heroin, there is still a wide spread advocated use of it as the success results have far out numbered the negativity connected to its use. Many remarkable improvements have been documented over the years from various different medical fraternities. The Texas medical authorities’ together with the different criminal agencies not only advocate the use of methadone maintenance but also work tirelessly to provide this support system for all those needing it. Substance abuse addicts are able to eventually resume normal and productive lives with the help of methadone maintenance. The improvements are clearly shown in the better relationships with family members, the ability to be gainfully employed, the advancement of their skills or education and better overall physical and mental health. Unfortunately there are also a few cases of misuse of this support system, which contributes to the controversy surrounding the use of methadone maintenance. The Texan government is well aware of this controversy and ensures the relevant monitoring agencies are in place to keep things in check.

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