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Data obtained from the N-SSATS and the TEDS for SAMHSA with respect to the state of Texas, including Beaumont, TX, show that there were totally 34,099 people in treatment centers during a one-day census taken in 2006. Among these, 28,311, forming 83%, were in the outpatient program, with 3,536 of them, forming 11%, found to be below the age of 18 years. The reports also indicate the drug mentioned at the time of admissions and the reports over the fourteen years from 1992 to 2006 show that there has been a very strong decline in admissions with respect to cocaine and alcohol, but an increase in those mentioning methamphetamine, which accounted for nearly 18.5% of admissions in the year 2005.

Our directory listings offer a comprehensive list of rehab centers that are located in Beaumont, TX, and also nearby in all other locations of the state. If you know someone in need of detox, therapy, counseling and other types of assistance programs for addictions, these listings can be of immense help to them to find a suitable program nearby. All the centers we list have licensed physicians, psychiatrists, social workers and staff who are capable of helping those with such drug or alcohol addictions. In case you need a residential program, they have medically supervised detox and group therapy programs to assist the patient in dealing with complex effects of chemical dependency.
Steve Lackey
Steve Lackey
Beaumont, TX 77701

What types of services do you offer?

I offer individual therapy, couple, marital, and family therapy, pain and injury therapeutic management, substance abuse recovery, and anger management facilitation.

What therapy modalities do you use in your practice?

As an Individual Psychology and Humanistic professional counselor, I believe the client has the ability to choose how best to resolve their problems and make decisions with my assistance as facilitator. My techniques are drawn from the Adlerian model and person-centered therapies and other counseling techniques appropriate for the client’s situation. In couples, marriage and family counseling, I will incorporate systems techniques. For substance abuse therapy, cognitive and behavioral techniques provide positive success in recovery. Hailing from an overall Adlerian therapeutic base, my selected therapeutic approaches include person-centered, cognitive-behavioral, short term brief focused therapy, Gottman couple counseling, emotional focused family therapy, 12-step chemical dependency support, and choice theory when appropriate. Effective counseling techniques will provide methods to solve problems by maximizing strengths and providing encouraging support during growth periods. I attempt to incorporate the entire family, when appropriate, to help achieve balance and harmony while organizing and achieving life goals.

When should one seek treatment?

Treatment may be sought at any point in therapeutic challenge. Early intervention in disease state progression provides the most opportune time frame for positive results.

Why should someone choose to come to your practice?

Conveniently located in professional buildings adjoining Baptist Hospital in Beaumont and in Orange, my practice offers a pleasant office environment with easy access. They will be professionally received and directed to my office at the appointed time. While In session the client will participate in engaging therapy wherein client needs are identified and addressed in a positive, forward-looking fashion. They will be offered secular or Christian participation completely at their discretion with focus on general counseling, substance abuse, couple, marital or family therapy. The client will be counseled effectively using the most appropriate counseling theories and techniques.

What relationships exist between mental health and substance abuse? What services do you provide for someone suffering with either and/or both?

As an LPC and an LCDC, I recognize the importance of separate yet inclusive treatment modalities for dual diagnosis individuals. Assessment and identification of mental health issues may sometimes be masked by substance abuse. Sufficient medical treatment for mental health problems is congruent with concomitant substance abuse treatment and recovery. I refer for medical and/or psychiatric evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment first, then focus on potential detox and rehab needs with consistent therapeutic emphasis on management of mental health during abuse recovery.

Steve Lackey is a Counselor at the Texas Counseling Center in Beaumont, Texas. For more information regarding Steve’s services, please call (409) 883-9940.

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Steve Lackey
3070 College St, Suite 406
Beaumont, TX 77701
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