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The Texas Department of State Health Services has funded a lot of different programs that are designed to provide support treatment for those trying to beat an addiction. Some of these addicts seek treatment on the own accord, while some are forced to do so by the courts. Whatever the circumstance, these support services in the form of access to recovery are in place to help those needing to gain control over their addiction until they are ready for the final stage that eventually eradicates the addictions from their system. The people of Texas are also actively campaigning for more recovery centers to be set up, as this form of support has proven to be very effective in keeping these addicts on a regimented program that works toward recovery from the addiction. Some of these, access to recovery centers also offers support to veterans as a transitional platform, preparing them to return to normal civilian life. The Texas government realizes that is could be challenging for the veteran to immediately resume civilian life after sustaining injuries both mental and physical.

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