Tips for a Successful Recovery

Published on 1/31/11
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Tips for a Successful Recovery

Recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol is a lifelong process. Early recovery is the most difficult.

The period of time when you are learning to cope with feelings, which have for so long been repressed by using your drug of choice, can be a rocky road made worse by a seemingly universal feeling among newly recovering people, to handle this emotional roller coaster alone. Quality recovery requires more from you than not drinking or using drugs. Recovery gives back the opportunity to live life fully, helping the addict to understand the differences between sober and dry.

Transitioning to Sober Living

The fruits of being sober are to some degree enjoyed immediately, so too are felt the pains of adjustment to a new life free from addiction. There is a period of grieving over the loss of a best friend and confidant, your drug of choice. The feelings felt, are all amplified out of proportion, because feelings in general have not been felt at all, for a long time. Adjusting to changing behaviors and realizing the world does not center around you, but in fact needs you and your wisdom to help others like yourself recover feels foreign. The shame and guilt of past actions in order to maintain addiction wants to crush the addict in morass of self pity.

Days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into years; those negative feelings of fear are all but gone.

Staying Positive

Care of your recovery is paramount to living a quality life, and not just existing in addiction until you die a slow and miserable death alone. The fact that you never have to use again, that just for today you pick life over slavery to drugs or alcohol will start creating a new past each day. Each day your recovery is getting stronger, as you continue to work on staying clean and sober, lessening and replacing feelings of shame with positive feelings of accomplishment. Days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into years; those negative feelings of fear are all but gone.

All-Encompassing Recovery

Getting involved with a recovery group you can relate to, taking care of your health by eating regularly, exercising, being proactive by getting annual physicals and visiting the dentist are all tools you can employ to care for your recovery. Most important is being alert to your own behavior. The best way to keep a check on your behavior is by allowing another recovering person into your life. A person you can be open and honest with and share honestly your feelings.

Realize your own value, and be humble and honest.

Life strikes. The experiences everyone faces in life such as a death of a loved one, or an illness will not be made better if you drink or use. There is nothing taking a drink or a drug will make better. Realizing you can be of maximum service to loved ones, and your community only when you are straight, needs to be in the forefront of you mind. Recovery has a valuable purpose.

Realize your own value, and be humble and honest. You are on the road to becoming happy, joyous, and free.


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