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Having access to environments that are controlled and supervised, is the best option for a recovering addict. In this kind of environment, there are usually less opportunities for the individual to be exposed to any illegal substance or alcohol. This gives them the opportunity to stay “clean” for longer periods of time and allows the body to adapt to the lack of access to the negative substances. The state of Pennsylvania has taken an active role in sponsoring or providing many halfway houses to accommodate those in need of this kind of support. There are programs that give the participants training and counseling to help them work towards eventual complete simulation into society as functioning and productive individuals. The important phase that helps to bridge the gap, gives the recovering addict better understanding of the challenges ahead, while learning to cope in a more demanding social interaction environment. Studies have shown that the percentages of recovery and staying off the negative substances is higher for those who have used this transition tool to build themselves up to a level that allows them to cope in the real world.

Our website is designed to give out information that is relevant and current, and also help those in this predicament to understand the merits of choosing a halfway house as the first step toward recovery.
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