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Patients undergoing Residential Short Term Treatment spend 30 days or less in a rehab and undergo treatments for substance abuse. In 2005, there were 56,105 cases of substance abuse as recorded in the state rehabs. The data provided by National Substance Abuse Index (NSAI) shows that 15.5 % of them were Heroin addicts of all ages, and 16.2 % were dependant on Meth. These two drugs are in fact the top two illegal drugs in the state. 36.2 % (3,145) of school students between 12 and 17 have shown strong addiction to Marijuana. Under short term care, patients - women and men, children, pregnant women, persons with disabilities, the elderly - undergo a combination of medicines and therapeutics to eliminate their addiction totally. Sports, community services and personal psychotherapy sessions enable patients to stop chronic consumption of drugs and make a safe return to healthy life.

Chronic substance abuse causes lung problems, brain damage, and abdominal pain, loss of motor skills and disorientation and mood swings. If you are suffering from drug abuse, or if you want to help someone overcome their addiction, call up a rehab without further delay. Our website has the largest list of rehabs in Oregon and you can get a successful Residential Short Term Treatment under full privacy.
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