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According to National Substance Abuse Index (NSAI), Oregon recorded 56,105 cases of substance abuse. Drug addicts were undergoing medication and therapy in the state rehabs. However, not every patient needs to stay in the rehabs throughout the length of the treatment. Some patients travel to the rehab, get the day’s treatment and return home. An Outpatient gets the same level of care and guidance as an inpatient and is able to eliminate their addiction completely. In 2005, there were 19,331 alcoholics, 8,665 Marijuana dependants and 9,463 Meth addicts. Do you know the damages caused by chronic drug use? Coronary diseases, lung disorders and brain damages are routinely observed in addicts. Memory loss and disorientation are frequent. If you want to get rid of addiction, call a rehab immediately. Our website has the largest list of Oregon rehabs. Get in touch with them for Outpatient without further delay. /Among those in the age group of 18 and 25, 21.4 % are drug dependants and are undergoing rehabilitation in Oregon facilities. Do you know anyone who wants to eliminate their substance dependency? Then call up a rehab today. They offer group and personal counseling sessions and right medications to help patients make a healthy return to social life.
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