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According to National Substance Abuse Index (NSAI), in 2005, as many as 5,498 (9.8%) children between 11 and 17 were admitted in state rehabs. They were undergoing intensive treatment for eliminating their addiction. Methadone Maintenance treatment uses medication to lessen the addiction to particular substance or substances and induce a healthy lifestyle. In 2005, Oregon recorded 56,105 cases of substance abuse in the state rehabs. Out of them, 8,864 (15.8%) were young people aged 21 to 25.Women made up 30.7 % (17,224), while 7.1 % were aged 51 and above. Substance abuse, if left unchecked brings lasting diseases like coronary disorders, abdominal pain, and loss of memory, disorientation, weak perception and psychosis. It increases suicidal tendencies and aggression. Do you want to prevent permanent neurosis? Then call up a rehab immediately. Our website has the most detailed list of rehabs in Oregon offering Methadone Maintenance and other facilities. You can easily find one in your neighborhood.

If you know anyone suffering from substance dependency, call up a rehab without further delay. These facilities protect patient identity, provide medication, community activities, counseling and therapies to help an addict cure their habit successfully. They also offer family session so that the patient gets support and moves towards a healthy life.
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