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Medicare is a jointly funded rehab grant which enables economically eligible persons get drug addiction related treatments. Substance abuse victims falling in the age group of 65 years and above are eligible to receive financial aid compulsorily for complete elimination of addiction through Oregon rehabs. According to National Substance Abuse Index (NSAI), there were 56,105 persons undergoing treatment for addiction to Meth, Marijuana, and Cocaine. Out of them, 336 persons were older than 65, and 9(0.2%) showed addiction to Heroin. As many as 289 persons were alcoholics before treatment began. However, persons below 65 are also eligible for Medicare if they are suffering from physical handicaps or mental disabilities. It was recorded that 42.2 % of those undergoing rehab treatments in Oregon were persons aged between 25 and 35 years. Prolong consumption to harmful illegal drugs cause permanent damages like coronary disease, high blood pressure, seizure, strokes, disorientation and loss of motor skills.

Do you want to live with these debilities? Do you want to help anyone for eliminating the addiction? Then you must call up a rehab today. Our website has the largest list of rehab facilities in Oregon. They offer medication and therapies under complete patient privacy to successfully treat addiction.
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