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Halfway houses, which are also called recovery or sober houses, are a place where individuals mentally prepare to integrate with the society after their brief departure to de-toxicate themselves. These houses extend care, support and sober living community for young people, before mingling with society again. The halfway house ensures that there is no relapse of an individual to their old habit of substance abuse. A halfway house has a systematic activity plan for the residents. There is an active rehabilitation treatment program which runs throughout the day. As part of the program, residents have intensive individual and group counseling sessions for their substance abuse. The program also established a sober support network by helping patients interact with their relatives and friends, try and secure new employment for the recovered patient and search for a new housing. The housing period of residence vary from one to six months.

Oregon has a well equipped network of halfway houses for all kinds of substance abuse patients. There are all sorts of services for patients starting from language assistance to payment assistance. Our website has information on all the Oregon halfway houses. A person can browse through our website to find the right halfway house to meet their requirements.
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