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Dual diagnosis is a condition in which a person duels with two substance abuse disorder simultaneously- one impediment is alcohol or any other drug along with an emotional or psychiatric problem. Such a patient needs immediate medical assistance to deal with the problems. Treatment of such critical patients first requires the cleansing of drug or alcohol from the body. The detoxification process takes place under complete observation of doctors. They provide medications to prevent patients from suffering withdrawal symptoms. Secondary stage of dual diagnosis is rehabilitation for the substance abuse problem and psychiatric treatment. Patients suffering from dual diagnosis have different degree of severity which requires various intensities of care. Some patients recover with partial hospitalization while some patients require hospitalization for months. The rehabilitation program educated patients about drugs and alcohol, includes psychotherapy sessions, nutritious diet, exercise, etc. The emotional and psychiatric problem is cured using both therapy and medications.

Oregon has numerous Dual Diagnosis treatment centers which provide both medical assistance and therapy sessions to help patients recover from their condition. All information regarding the OR Dual Diagnosis centre can be found in our website. A person battling dual diagnosis should be immediately given medical assistance to combat the problem.
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