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Residential long-term treatment centers are fast becoming a necessity in today’s demanding environment. With most people having busy lives and umpteen daily commitments, it is often very difficult to cope with the needs of loved ones that require constant care. With the establishment of various programs that follow the residential long-term treatment facilities, the Oklahoma government hopes to alleviate the burden of caring for dependents on the productive segment of its citizens. Some of the support provided at such facilities would include nursing homecare, skilled nursing aid, residential care, assisted living care, medical and drug monitoring care and many other support style cares. These centers work closely together with the Health Resources Development Services and the Oklahoma State Department of Health to ensure all guidelines are followed diligently, to keep these facilities in continued high standards of health, safety and welfare. The Oklahoma authorities also ensure that the staff employed at such facilities attends yearly courses to keep them abreast with the latest developments in care giving.

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