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Although Oklahoma has a variety of different drug treatment options, Methadone Maintenance seems to be the more popular option for addicts and people with severe dependency on other drugs for medical relief. In view of this, the Oklahoma state authorities have taken an active role in setting up many methadone maintenance centers and programs. Still viewed with some concern and reservations on its treatments, where the use of the drug can eventually become addictive, the government is careful in its monitoring of such facilities. In some cases, the Methadone maintenance treatment style is the only way for the addict to return to normal functioning life after being “hooked” on drugs such as heroin and cocaine crack. With the help given at such centers, the addict is able to cope better both mentally and physically without having to lunge into stressful environments and expectations.

Our website is designed around the projected needs of an individual seeking to use the methadone maintenance support as a way back to normal society transition. With the information feature on our website the individual need look no further for help, as everything listed is designed to assist on all levels of need. Taking the first step with our website is the right thing to do.
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