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Marijuana continues to be the most predominant illicit drug in Ohio. Law enforcement agencies report that this is the most encountered drug during most arrests and has been highly abused according to treatment records which indicate a great increase. Marijuana is shipped from Mexico with large quantities being delivered over land while some through mail and package delivery services. NHSDA indicate that marijuana is consumed heavily in Ohio as opposed to other states. The report also shows that as of 1999, 3,556,224 residents of Ohio, those of 12 years and older, used marijuana or hashish in their life which was 38.4%. The number of public marijuana treatment admissions had increased to more than 31% between 1996 and 1999 as in 1996 admissions were 12,949 while 1999 had 18, 788. It was also found that most users of marijuana are Caucasian residents of Ohio and its cities like Cleveland.

Availability of this illicit drug has led to more residents in the cities and neighbouring counties in Ohio to become dependent on the drugs. There is however good news as there is lots of Cleveland Marijuana treatment facilities. This will help curb the problem hence, talk to us today for information on reliable Ohio facilities on our directory.
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