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Saint Charles Hospital Chemical Depend Inpatient Program

200 Belle Terre Road
Port Jefferson, NY 11777
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St. Charles Hospital is located in Port Jefferson, New York, and they have one of the most well known Chemical Dependency Rehabilitation programs in the state. This is a program that is strictly voluntary; primarily because they believe that the patient has to realize that they need help in order for rehabilitation to be effective. Once the desire to recover is there, a recovering addict will be able to overcome any part of their recovery process with the help of medical and therapeutic staff.

There are currently 40 beds available at the Chemical Dependency Inpatient program. As you would expect with a hospital program, they start with the detoxification process. This process can be very painful and in some cases, life-threatening, so you will have care 24 hours a day to ensure that you are safe and healthy. They use medication and other means to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible while going through the withdrawal symptoms. There is also access to emergency staff, if that were to be necessary during your detoxification.

During and after the process of detoxification, St. Charles will work with you on the emotional and mental end of your issues. If there are other mental health diagnoses that come up, those will be taken care of during your stay as well; if those are dealt with properly, then you will be more likely to get through the program and be successful after you have left. They also offer support groups (including 12 step programs, anger management, psychiatric disorder, family, work, and other miscellaneous programs) and individual counseling. During your intake assessement, it will be determined exactly what groups you should be attending and what you will explore during your counseling; you will also be reevaluated during your stay to ensure that you are getting the most out of your care.

One very convenient part of the program is that the St. Charles Hospital is part of the larger health system in the region. That means that they can help you get all of the information and connections that you need to make in order to have the most effective aftercare program that you can have. They offer an immense amount of information to their patients, including area support groups, connections with organizations that promote well-being, and guides that help them to better understand the use of the 12 step program in their everyday lives. By doing this, St. Charles is further increasing the chances that your recovery will be successful and that you will "stay clean" even after you leave the inpatient program.

Don't try to get through your drug, prescription medication, or alcohol addiction on your own. Instead, contact a reliable, high quality treatment program like the one found at St. Charles. They will be able to help you take your first steps toward recovery in a healthy way and in a safe environment. Don't give up on your journey before you even start; contact the Chemical Dependency Inpatient Program at (631) 474-6233 today and start your journey toward wholeness.

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