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Alcohol or drug problem along with an emotional/psychiatric problem is considered as dual diagnosis. The person needs medical assistance for dealing with both the problems. The first step in handling cases of dual diagnosis is detoxification - this is the time during when the body is made clean of alcohol or drugs. Doctors give hospitalized substance abusers medications which prevent patients from suffering from withdrawal symptoms. The next stage is rehabilitation for alcohol or drug problem along with treatment of the psychiatric disorder. Treatment for dual diagnosis requires different levels or intensities of care. In some cases, full hospitalization or inpatient treatment becomes mandatory, while in some other cases, partial hospitalization or outpatient treatment will be sufficient. Rehabilitation program involves psychotherapy, awareness about alcohol and drugs through education, nutritious diet, exercise, etc. When it comes to dealing with psychiatric problems, the solution lies in the right combination of therapy and medications.

All information regarding NY Dual Diagnosis centers can be found in our website. NY has an extensive chain of dual diagnosis treatment centers which provide both medical assistance and therapy sessions to patients to recover from their condition. A person suffering from such several substance disorders should be brought to the notice of the medical fraternity for immediate help.
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