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Loyola Recovery Foundation Inc

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When it comes to great causes the Loyola Recovery Foundation is one of best. A group of Americans saw the veterans suffering from chemical dependency. They wanted to start an organization to help American Veterans of the armed services to overcome their struggles with addiction. In recent years the number of former military members who have developed substance abuse issues is rising higher and higher. The Loyola Recovery foundation wanted to create an environment of hope, welcome, healing and trust to give people the chance to overcome their issues. This is a program to assist the soldiers and their families in maintaining their lives and the values of the program have defined the integrity of the program as family after family has received the help they desperately need. If you know a veteran who is in need, help is just a phone call away.

The detoxification program of substance abusers at Loyola has used years of research to develop a system that will heal the whole person. When it is possible the staff is able to monitor all of their patients to see that the results of the treatment are permanent and long lasting. The talented staff often responds to the crisis needs of veterans suffering from substance abuse. There is a cooperation that exists between the facilities the family members of the veterans and those suffering the pain of addiction to try to provide an atmosphere of healing for each and every person there.

The state of the art addiction therapy available at Loyola has support in both the social services and medical care that works to supply each person suffering from substance abuse the opportunity to move back into a normal life. Most people want to become a high functioning individual within the confines of their lives. They work to give veterans the coping tools necessary to deal with the normal situations in life. If you are a veteran and you need some help with substance abuse then talk to one of the counselors to see how they can help you. All contact is confidential.

All of the treatment at the facility is designed to treat the whole patient. Often times with veterans who have returned from combat there are two issues at play. There is the substance abuse but there is another underlying problem. The stress of facing combat can cause significant Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which if not treated can lead to problems in other areas, often people deal with the affects of PTSD by self medicating with drugs and alcohol.

The staff at Loyola is well trained in treating the cause and the action. The PTSD needs to be addressed in counseling sessions and then the management of the pain with substance abuse needs to be addressed next. By treating the whole veteran they have experienced a high rate of success. There is no reason for a veteran of the family of a veteran suffering from substance abuse issues to get in touch with Loyola today and speak to one of their highly trained counselors.

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