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The state of Nevada is one of only a few states where the use of marijuana is legal for medicinal purposes. The possession of small quantities of the drug is no longer a felony. However, this has led to the abuse of this legislation in some cases. Outside of that drug, the most commonly available drug in the state is methamphetamine (or meth). It is imported and produced in the state. The locally produced meth is usually more pure than the drug that is imported from out of state. Cocaine is also readily available in Nevada, mostly in the southern portion, although it can be found in the northern as well. In fact, Las Vegas is a transshipment point for the drug. Crack cocaine can be found in the urban areas. Club drugs are also readily available in the state, particularly in Las Vegas in their local nightclubs, raves and adult entertainment clubs.

If you or anyone you know happens to be facing drug related issues, our website can help. We have a huge list of drug rehab facilities situated in and around Nevada; you can use the same to take that first step towards complete recovery. Drugs can easily ruin your life via illness, crime or even cause fatality by OD.
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