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Despite a long-standing effort by the officials of New Mexico to rid the streets of heroin, it is still the drug of choice to thousands of people. Heroin is a lethal drug that can claim a person’s life with the first dose they ever take. Between 1990 and 2005, heroin claimed at least 500,000 lives in New Mexico alone. The main danger of heroin is that it wreaks havoc on the central nervous system every time it is injected or snorted. The user’s heartbeat slows as does their breathing. Many times, this causes them to lose consciousness. At this point, they would not be aware enough to seek help should breathing become difficult. Many times, the user vomits, and is not able to clear their mouth, so they drown. Unfortunately, this is the fate of many users. Sadly, many people face this the first time they use.

Treatment for a heroin addiction typically involves the medication Methadone. The purpose of this medication is to minimize the symptoms that are faced withdrawal. This allows the body to detoxify from the heroin, while managing the withdrawal symptoms. The patient is then weaned off of the treatment medication slowly.
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