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Harvest House

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Dunn, NC 28334
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Rediscovering hope through recovery at Harvest House

Harvest House in Dunn, North Carolina has a solid reputation for providing recovery from substance abuse for people who are dealing with other serious issues such as mental health illness, HIV/AIDs or have criminal records. Taking the step to ending substance abuse is one of the most powerful choices you can make in your life. There is nothing that can stop you when you are in the company of caring professionals and other people who have chosen to take these steps back into life, hope and a better future.

Treatment through community

Harvest house believes that community support is essential to helping you stay clean. They offer residential short term, outpatient and day patient treatment programs so you have all the help and support you need every step of the way. By keeping a special focus on the needs of those recovering who may have HIV/AIDs, have been incarcerated, been charged with DUI/DWI or have dual diagnosis; you can find a community of people who know what you have been through and what you deal with in the Harvest House. They offer language assistance with Creole and Spanish to help you be able to connect with the best treatment and support possible.

Special programs for recovery while managing HIV/AIDs or mental health illness

Living with HIV/AIDs, a dual diagnosis or the experience of being incarcerated can make recovery hard if you are not surrounded by a support system that understands the unique stresses and difficulties you go through. At Harvest House, there are special recovery programs for each so you never feel as if you are isolated in what you are going through and there is always someone there when you reach out your hand. Knowing you are not alone is an essential part of knowing you can get through anything.

Affording care is easier than you think

Harvest House offers self payment options and accepts Medicaid, Medicare, state insurance and is covered by most private plans. When you call to register for a treatment program, a financial officer will help you put in the financial applications with the right agencies to get you covered. With the new Affordable Health Care Act, there may be even more options available to you so there is no reason not to call and take your first step forward today.

Getting started

Harvest House can provide you with the gateway to recovery that you have been seeking. By taking the first step towards the open door they offer, you are committing to one of the most important choices in your life. Recovery from substance abuse can only happen when you decide to call and begin. You can?t do it alone and you don?t have to, Harvest Help has the experience and support services to help you reclaim your life. Call today and find out how soon you can begin your journey in the company of friends. One of the Harvest House treatment specialists will walk you through the process of arranging for your treatment so you can return to your life, your family and rediscover your will to live.

Detailed Information about Harvest House:

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