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According to the national substance abuse index, in 2005, the percentage of women in the total addict count was 30.9. The percentage though is lower than the male counterpart requires some action to be taken. The number of women taking drugs in 2005 was much more than what it was earlier. 44.4% of the met abused people and 43% of the cocaine users are women which matters a lot for the society. Women are known to have a weaker body compared to their male counterparts and the drugs seem to affect them more than male. Severe headache, nausea, vomiting are the immediate side effects but the major side effects and include organ failure, miscarriage, cancer and many more. It is thus advised to stay away from the usage of drugs but in case someone is already in the grip of substance abuse, proper care and rehab facilities can solve the problem.

Our website has the list of rehab centers in your location where special care facilities are rendered to women suffering from any such problem. Make sure to use the data provided on the website if you want to save the life of a loved one. Help others with the list and have some contribution in saving lives.
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