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Data presented by the TEDS and the N-SSATS for SAMHSA showed that were nearly 8,600 admissions related to substance abuse in Kansas City, MO, during 2008. Out of these, 70% were males and 30 of them were females. The report also showed that many admissions were related to abuse of smoked cocaine and methamphetamine and less to heroin or prescription drugs. Those under the age of 25 years mostly reported marijuana as the primary substance of abuse, whereas alcohol abuse increased with age. The reports for smoked cocaine were highest for those aged 35 years to 44 years.

If you are aware of someone in Kansas City, MO, who is in need of help regarding drug or alcohol addiction, we can assist them through our directory listings of rehab centers in and around Kansas City, MO. They offer several interventions that are based on several different philosophies for treatment and can be effective depending on the gender, the addiction intensity and the age. There are also many programs that offer a mixed approach with holistic treatment. Another aspect of the treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy for those with alcohol or drug problems, so that it assists them in dealing with stressful situations and cope with these confidently.
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