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Figures and estimates obtained from the Office of Applied Studies for the US Department of Health and Human Services, SAMHSA, show that 10.5% of adolescents in the state had used illicit drugs, with 7.4% of these abusing marijuana and 5.5% abusing some other illicit drug. Regarding the rates of alcohol abuse, 19.4% of the adolescents had abused alcohol and 12.8% admitted to indulging in binge drinking during the studied period in the state and in Columbia, MO. The actual figures amounted to 25,000 males and 21,000 female adolescents who had been dependent on either alcohol or drugs during the studied year.

Our listed centers for drug and alcohol rehabilitation in and around Columbia, MO, will offer you the best options for getting rid of such addictions. The centers listed in our directory address the drug abuse and also the emotional pain and other psychological problems experienced by the addict. They can offer you best quality of care during the program along with follow up services and accreditation. Well-trained professionals and addiction specialists will attend to each person individually, with a customized program to suit the particular addiction. Many of the centers we have listed have exceptional success rates and offer different types of care, such as short term, long term, residential and outpatient options.
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