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Project Turnabout

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In many lives there is a need for a change. It could be from the devastation of drug or alcohol addiction, or from the ruinous addictive behaviors of gambling. If you need to make a turn in your life then no place is better equipped to help you then Project Turnabout, located in Granite Falls, Minnesota. This is a full treatment addiction facility that welcomes all potential clients who are looking for a program to help make their life better for themselves and their families. For over forty years, countless families and individuals have descended on the facilities at Project Turnabout to provide them with the tools to overcome addiction and provide a higher quality of life for all involved. This has been accomplished through prevention and education programs as well as intervention and responsive treatment options. If you or a loved one needs the respectful environment that Project Turnaround provides then give them a call to learn about the help that they can supply you.

Philosophy of Treatments

When it comes to the programs of the facility everyone serves the patients in a respectful environment with compassion and professionalism that brings comfort to patients and family members alike. The addiction treatment that Project Turnabout supplies is cutting edge but they pride themselves on remaining an affordable addiction treatment option for all involved.

Located in the heart of Minnesota they can easily provide treatment to the whole state. There are over 85 patients being housed at the facility at any one time and the milieu of the program is one of caring and support. The staff is full of experienced professionals who speak to all of the needs, support and education that a client is going to need. If you have any questions for the staff just give the facility a call and see how they can help you.

The continuum of care is not going to end when the program is completed and the patient goes home. Project Turnabout provides a significant outpatient support program that allows the caring and healing to be maintained as the patient returns to their individual lives. Addiction in all its forms is a difficult thing to defeat but with the help of the caring professionals at programs like this the battle is being won. Don't hesitate to call and see if there is a chance to help you win your battle.

Recovery Starts Here

In the 1970's Project Turnabout was begun as a nonprofit organization. Its mission was to assist all individuals who needed help in overcoming drug and alcohol addiction problems. It morphed into Project Turnabout in 1991 when a comprehensive program was developed to include gambling addiction as well. This has been a landmark program to assist people with gambling addictions as well as providing full treatment programs for other addictions still.

Even as the programs have continued to grow and develop the core focus has never left what is best for the patients and their health. This is largely due to the caring and experienced team of professionals who make Project Turnabout a landmark program. If you think that they can help you then give them a call to treat your addictions or those of a loved one.

Detailed Information about Project Turnabout:

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