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The most common substance abuse in Maryland is found to be Marijuana among the youth. The statistics showed by NSDUH for the years from 2003-2006 in SAMHSA show that 8.4% of the 487,000 youth (adolescents) used some form of illicit drugs with 6.5% of them seen to use marijuana. More than 40% of the high school seniors have been noted as using some form of illicit drug in the state. To combat this serious problem, do look into our directory that makes a listing of all the drug rehabilitation centers in Maryland. These centers have treatment programs that are specifically created for youth. They offer several kinds of prevention programs, counseling, and substance abuse treatment. They can avail mentoring, tutoring, and other types of mental health services from these services listed on our site. It is important to identify the addiction at an early stage and make a proper diagnosis and assessment of the case.

There have been several incidents of suspensions of youth in the public schools of Maryland and many of them were drug related. It is critical to understand this problem and if you or anyone you know is in need of intervention, do not hesitate to go through our directory and seek help.
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