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Motivated Youth Recovery Program

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Worcester, MA 01610
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When it comes to treating substance abuse in the state of Massachusetts people are now turning to the Motivated Youth Recovery Program in Worcester to provide the best example of how recovery should be done. This is a multiservice clinic that provides detoxification, methadone detoxification, substance abuse treatment and buprenorphine services. They offer programs which are specifically designed to deal with the substance abuse disorders faced by adolescents all over the state. This is a program that is hopeful about the future of the young people that they treat with every part of the treatment to lead them to a successful recovery. If you are struggling with an addiction or you are the parent of an adolescent who needs recovery then call the program and start the process of reclaiming your child.

Who They Serve

If you have a child who is between the age of 13 and 17 years old, they are eligible to be treated in this facility. If the child is showing the signs of withdrawal that will need to be monitored medically then this is the place for them to go. You have probably tried to help your child stop using drugs and alcohol, but there has just been no progress. Make a call to this recovery program and you will get the help that you need. Even if your child is experiencing significant mental health issues like depression, in concert with their drug abuse, the excellent staff at the Motivated Youth Recovery Program is well trained to help.

Services Provided

Once you make the important first contact by calling the program, you will get a comprehensive evaluation of your child and their current status. This will be done by counselors, nurses, doctors and basically the entire staff of the program to make sure that the problems faced by your child will be both understood and addressed. They will then be placed into the structured environment of the program and receive both treatment and support at every turn. Detoxification can be a difficult and painful process but the talented medical professionals will monitor the physical health of the patients throughout the process.

The family is a huge part of the treatment process and contact between patient and family is very consistent and complete. The entire treatment program will be designed with the overall well being of the patient in mind. There is a multitude of family, clinical, psychological and educational services at the disposal of each patient to allow them to have a complete and successful recovery from their drug addictions.

The Staff of Superstars

When you make the call to the Motivated Youth Recovery Program, the staff will leap into action to help save your child's life and to start restoring your family to the point of acceptance that they were at before this addiction took hold. The team is led by a medical director who will monitor medical treatment and help maintain your child's well being. They lead a full team of psychiatrists, therapists, registered nurses, recovery specialists and counselors who are dedicated to restoring the health of your child.

Detailed Information about Motivated Youth Recovery Program:

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