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The TEDS data that is available at the SAMHSA site showing statistics for drug addiction in Massachusetts shows that drug admissions have been seeing a continuous increasing trend in the state. The rates of unmet treatment for alcohol are above the national average across all age groups according to the data. The rates for serious psychological distress in the age group between 18 and 25 have also been consistently higher than the national rate and in the year 2004 to 2005, it was recorded as the highest in the country. At our directory, we offer a comprehensive list of all the rehabilitation centers that offer services to patients, both residential short-term treatment and also long term ones in Massachusetts. The treatment incorporates dual diagnosis for psychological problems as well as drug addictions.

There are many such short-term programs that can provide patients with an intensive though brief treatment. For instance, we show centers in our directory that offer 30-day rehabilitation programs at a reasonable cost. Such residential short-term treatment can also be successful in many cases, but the length of the stay can vary according to the degree of the addiction. However, the goal is to get the patient cured in as short a time as possible.
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