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The drug of choice for abusers in Louisiana is marijuana. According to a report by NCBuy, the reason behind what they are calling the ?new marijuana epidemic? is the fact that there is the feeling that there is a very small possibility of being caught by the police by both users and buyers. The next most common drug is methamphetamine (or meth). In fact, it is quickly becoming competition for marijuana as the drug of choice in the state.?Another drug being abused in the state is cocaine, both the powder and crack cocaine. Club drugs, like LSD and GHB are also on the rise in Louisiana. This is more prominent in the young adult and college age abusers. In fact, college students are usually involved in both the consumption and the distribution of the drugs. Heroin is not really a problem in the state, as a whole, with only one exception, New Orleans.

There are so many reasons why you may opt for drugs: it makes you feel better about yourself; everyone else is doing it; it is something to do. However, there is only one reason to stop doing drugs: you. Your life can be so much better without relying on drugs to make it through the day. Our website includes a list of all the drug rehab facilities in Louisiana. It is time. Take that first step.
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