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Getting help for substance abuse at Joseph R Briscoe Treatment Center

More people recover from substance abuse than you think. Substance abuse treatment is designed to help you achieve success with your goals of becoming clean and sober. The programs are based in the knowledge and experience of former addicts that have recovered and gone on to create programs that have proven to be successful. At the Joseph R Briscoe Treatment Center, you can find the help your need. This is primarily a residential short term treatment center that will see you through the first stages of your recovery and then make sure that you are connected to all the support and continued treatment you will need to support your sober life. Recovery is something that is best done in the company of those who care, those who have experience, and those who are all moving towards the same goal. With short term residential substance abuse treatment, you get the time and the space to focus on getting your life back on track.

Why short term residential?

It doesn't matter how serious you think your addiction has been, or how short or long a time you have been abusing a substance; your body and your mind view detoxification as very serious business indeed. All detoxification should include medical monitoring to make sure that you remain safe. Depending on the substance you have been using, physical detoxification can take anywhere from one week to one month. After that you enter into the process of psychologically detoxifying from a lifestyle of substance abuse. This is why residential programs like those at Joseph R Briscoe are so necessary, and have such a high success rate with people who want to recover. There is no person who cannot recover if they follow a substance abuse treatment program. Taking the first step only means making one phone call to speak with the center about your treatment options.

Treatment is more affordable that addiction

Chances are that your addiction has cost you just about everything you have, or you can now clearly see that it will in the end. There is no substance abuse treatment program that is as expensive as addiction. You can enter into a substance abuse treatment and/or detoxification program at Joseph R Briscoe using many different forms of payment options. There is a sliding fee scale that is based upon your income and other factors as well as payment assistance available. Briscoe also accepts self payment, Medicaid, most private health insurance plans and military insurance.

Take charge and create change

The hardest part of recovery is the first part, making the call to talk to someone about getting help. This is the only part of recovery that you have to do alone and it lasts only until someone answers the phone. Don?t try to detoxify on your own, it can be dangerous and frightening. Call today and plan for your recovery with a caring and supportive professional. At Joseph R Briscoe, our goal is to see you well. We have gender specific programs for Men and Women so your recovery is enhanced by being in a community of people just like you. Let us support you while you do what has to be done to take charge and change your life.

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