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Residential long-term treatment is a form of inpatient care which usually lasts for three months or more. The length of stay is dependent upon the nature of the addiction and how well someone suffering from substance addiction responds to the treatment. Long-term treatment is usually considered to be at least 90 days, depending on the individual case. Some facilities offer outings so that patients can be exposed to the world and triggers and put into practice some of the things they have learned during the treatment process. Many long-term treatment programs will also have post-treatment programs designed to help the patient after discharge. These programs can include participating in further counseling at an outpatient facility. In a study from 2004 published in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse relating to the success rates of women in long-term residential treatment, it was found that for those who spent six months or more in long-term treatment had an abstinence success rate of 68-71%. Those with shorter stays, or who did not complete their long-term treatment, had lower success rates. Depending on who you are and what your addiction is, or if you have a more complex problem such as dual diagnosis (co-occurring diseases), residential long-term treatment might be an option for you. Please visit our website for a list of facilities with residential long-term treatment programs.
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