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In Illinois, in 2010, youth aged between 12 and 25 comprised 32.7% of all those treated for substance abuse problems. Of these, the largest bloc, at 13.9%, was those between 21 and 25. This information is taken from a 2010 SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) report. It is important to remember that these are youth who sought treatment for substance abuse issues; there are countless more who did not. Marijuana, hallucinogenic drugs and other stimulant drugs were the most popular drugs across all the age groups in the SAMHSA report.

If you have noticed erratic or strange behavior in your child, if their school or college work has dropped off, if money or objects have begun to go missing in your home, it may be time to consider substance abuse as a cause. Have a conversation with your child or loved one about substance abuse and possible need for treatment. There are treatment facilities in Illinois that cater only to youth. It can be overwhelming to enter a treatment center for substance abuse; treatment centers for youth have professionals who are trained in helping them make this transition. Our website has an extensive list of treatment centers in Illinois that offer substance abuse treatment for youth. Call one today to speak to a professional about your situation, your needs, and possible treatment options.
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