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The N-SSATS and TEDS data showing drug admissions in Illinois for the surveyed years, from 1992 to 2006, also measure the problems related to the admissions. It has been mentioned in the report in the SAMHSA site that though there has been a reduction in the admissions related to alcohol, from 34% to 17%, there has been an increase in the drug related admissions, from 18% to 43%. In addition, the rates of those requiring treatment but not availing it are also above the national rate, for all age groups, during the surveyed period. More than 1,239 deaths had occurred in the state during 2007 due to drug use, which is 9.6 for 100,00 of the population, with the national average being 12.7 for every 100,000.

If you know someone in need of drug rehab services, access our directory listings of centers in and around Schaumburg, Illinois. The centers offer different modalities of care, such as recovery coaching, skills, outpatient treatment, intensive inpatient treatment, continuing care, counseling services and support services, peer coaching and so on. A proper and effective treatment plan is developed according to individualized needs, including the objectives and the time frame of the program to the move the addict towards recovery.
Angela Lacalamita
Angela Lacalamita
Schaumburg, IL 60173

What therapy approach(es) do you utilize? What issues do you specify treatment for?

I use an integrative approach to counseling and utilize various treatment approaches to include: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Family Systems, Solution-Focused and Psychodynamic. Some of the treatment areas I specialize in include: couples/marital counseling, LGBT counseling, mood and anxiety disorders, parenting, behavioral struggles and workplace issues.

How does one know if therapy is right for them?

Choosing the right therapist to work with is crucial to addressing one's personal challenges and ability to work toward a happier and more satisfying life. Whether one is seeking counseling as an individual, couple or family, your counselor should develop a personalized approach to help you understand and resolve any challenges you are faced with. When working toward the process of healing, change and growth, it is critical that you feel safe and supported by your therapist so that you can work toward a deeper understanding of yourself and identify healthier ways to cope with thoughts, feelings and life's circumstances.

What can one expect to gain from therapy?

Counseling offers you an opportunity to engage in self exploration and identify ways to work toward healing, change and growth.  It also provides you a better perspective on your patterns of thinking, emotions and behaviors, which may be prohibiting you from reaching your optimal potential.

What is unique about you as a therapist?

I strive to create a safe, accepting and supportive environment where clients can openly explore their thoughts, feelings and begin the process of personal growth. My use of encouragement and acceptance, in conjunction with my ability to understand my clients concerns, promotes hope and facilitates clients in identifying their strengths and achieving their potential.

Angela Lacalamita, MA, LCPC is the founder of The Journey to Wellness and Balance Counseling Services, Ltd in Schaumburg, Illinois. For more information, please call (773) 671-3351 or visit

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Angela Lacalamita
870 E Higgins Road, Suite 140K
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