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The duration of residential short-term treatment is usually 30 days or less, according to SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration). Residential short-term treatment is used to treat drug and alcohol addiction, though when it was first implemented its primary function was to treat alcohol abuse. Residential short-term treatment is preferable for those who may be receiving treatment for substance abuse for the first time, and for those who would not respond well to lengthy stay in a structured treatment program. Due to its short span of time, residential short-term treatment emphasizes medical stabilization and tools to implement a sober lifestyle, over other forms of treatment. It is hoped that this emphasis will reduce the risk of a relapse. Residential short-term treatment is not as intensive as a long-term treatment program, which may be preferred for certain types of patients.

Alcohol and/or drug addiction destroys lives, not only of the addict but of those close to him/her. It tears families’ apart, ends marriages and ruins relationships. The end result of addiction, if not treated, is never positive; in the worst case, it is fatal. If you are suffering from substance abuse issues, we urge you to seek treatment. Our website has a comprehensive list of treatment facilities based in Illinois. Call one today to discuss treatment options. You can put your life, and the lives of those you love, back on track
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