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Prescription drug addiction is a nation-wide problem. Because of the relative ease of obtaining them (either through prescriptions, or because they are available in the home), more and more people are beginning to abuse prescription drugs. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, prescription drugs are the highest cause of drug-related deaths in the country. This is a sobering fact. Dependence on prescription medication is a national problem which must be addressed. If you are using prescription medication for non-medical reasons, if your medical condition has been resolved but you continue to take prescription medication, if you take multiple prescription medications, prescribed by more than one doctor, you should seek treatment for addiction to prescription drugs. Do not let yourself add to the statistics on prescription drug addiction. You can end your dependence on prescription drugs.

Our website has a comprehensive list of Illinois treatment facilities for substance abuse issues. Browse through the list. Call them today to speak to professionals; even if it is just for advice or to gain more information on prescription drug addiction. These treatment facilities will be able to help. Ask them which treatment plan would be the best for your needs. Don’t let addiction take over your life, begin treatment today.
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