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Naperville, being a suburban city of Chicago, is a major hub for transportation as well as distribution of illicit drugs in the Midwest. It has a multifaceted infrastructure for transportation and a strategic location, which makes it ideal for street gangs based in Chicago to conduct distribution and the retailing of drugs, such as marijuana as well as cocaine and heroin. Drug admissions in Naperville have more than doubled, especially in relation to crack cocaine. The Office of Applied Studies conducts reports for SAMHSA and shows that 9.5% (104,000) adolescents had been using illicit drugs in the state for the studied period. Out of these 6.4% (70,000) used marijuana with 49,000 or (4.5%) using some other drug. Additionally, 33,000 adolescents (male) and 32,000 adolescents (female) had been using prescription drugs for non-medical purposes during the interviewed period.

The figures give rise to concerns due to increasing number of drug admissions in Naperville. Our directory listings of rehab centers in and around Naperville, Chicago and other areas of Illinois can help you with any addiction problems you or your friends and loved ones might be facing. Several centers have been listed, including those devoted entirely for adolescent drug abuse. Both mild and severe withdrawal symptoms are also treated by specialists in detoxification.
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